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Why do you want to do this?

  • Reduce size, tidy up, and put all sessionfiles in a “compressed” folder
  • Get your files down to the bare minimum
  • Transfer files to another system/studio
  • for Back up!
  • for Back up! repeat 4 times..
  • for Archiving after finishing off projects

Here’s a procedure
(using PRO TOOLS v8.03 on Win7 x64):

1. Delete Any Unused Tracks

e.g. tracks with no Audio. parts recorded, not to keep. Inactive tracks. backing vocals not used etc. HOWTO: select a track, or tracks (ctrl+click) then right click and choose “delete”

2. Delete Unused Playlists

HOWTO: Use the ‘track view selector’ to view "playlists" (instead of "Waveform"), Click the little triangle next to the Track Name, Select "delete unused….". Do this for all playlists on all tracks

3. Remove Unused Regions

HOWTO: From the regions menu, choose “Select”—> “Unused”, again from the regions menu, choose “Clear”, then “Remove”. warning: “Delete” will erase the unused audio files from your hard drive PERMANENTLY”!!

4. Select And Consolidate all your tracks.

HOWTO: select the “<All>” group under the Groups menu, then just click on some audio in the edit window, next on the Edit menu –> “Select All” (ctrl+A), still on the edit menu, select “Consolidate” (alt+shift+3).

5. Select Save A Session Copy

HOWTO: select Save Copy In under the File menu, select all audio files, 44.1Khz, and 24-bit.

Nice and clean!!

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