About Greenhill Projects

Greenhill Projects is a name for a collaboration of musicians. The main characters being Bengt Grønås and Maurice Adams.

The music itself is what it is, it has no locked genre or style and fluctuate between something that sounds like Pet Shop Boys to Progressive Metal. It could be Pop, Funk, Metal, Industrial, whatever the form of today is when ideas are founded. Apart from Bengt and Maurice, all music has been played back for at least 2-7 individuals both musicians and non musicians to plumb for comments.

About ideas
The idea-recipe and origin of the music is simple. You might hum something that sticks in your brain, and needs to be recorded. You hear a massive or compact sound while sitting on the bus and you need to record it. You record while you’re doing guitar exercises, and get lucky with a riff. You’re sitting at home one night after a piss up, and find the coolest riff, and record it. You have an old idea that never got recorded, and after you run it by your musical friends, they tell you to record it. All ideas are good ideas, and everything is taken into consideration, even if it sucks immensely.

About recording
The next process is to record it. Also here it’s all about simplicity. Press record and do your thing. We seldom record more than once if it’s not absolutely necessary. The initial take is the most honest, even if it contains errors. What next? Put it all together, fill in more instruments, and make it sound acceptable. You will never as a musician or artist be 100% satisfied with anything, and the trick is to know when it’s good enough (or not).

About mixing
The normal “fix in in the mix” does apply in some form or way, but we seldom “clean” things that only a trained studio technicians can hear. We’d love to piss off any producer in any possible way. There are no rules. When WE are satisfied, that’s what defines the standard..

About Mastering
We don’t care how trained and skilled you are. The music from Greenhill projects will never be mastered by any self proclaimed professional no matter how cheap the price.

About equipment
Our equipment is simple, and sufficient. There is no big studio, no huge console, and nothing fancy or eye-candy looking equipment. It’s just a normal PC with Windows XP on it. We have no amplifiers. The guitars, basses, mic’s we own is very cheap but functional. But we know what fits together, and what doesn’t. We also know what equipment we would own if we were billionaires. The studio location itself is in an home-study located @ Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway.

About Publishing
The music is being published on iTunes and AMAZON MP3 as we go along. When we have a bundle of songs or just a few songs, we decide to go public with it. So when is the next release? Well, the truth is that we don’t know, but it’s a continuous process and we will make it known via the My Space page, the home page, and the Facebook group “Greenhill Projects” whenever there’s more conscious music to be heard.

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