Pro Tools LE v8.04 for Windows 7


from avid: “Users should install Pro Tools LE 8.0.x without their device plugged in, then use the 8.0.4 updater and follow onscreen instructions, plugging in their LE peripheral when instructed.”

My advice (which works)

  1. unplug hardware
  2. start install, do not plug in your hardware even if instructed to do so, just press OK and Next
  3. reboot
  4. log in, work through the rest of the installation, , do not plug in your hardware even if instructed to do so, just press OK, Next, Finish and such..
  5. reboot
  6. log in, wait 2 mins
  7. Then plug in your MBOX2 Pro, and wait 2 mins (to let the new driver install correctly).
  8. In the device manager you can control if your drivers has been updated to Digidesign driver version 8.04 from Avid:
  9. Now you can Start Pro Tools LE


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pro tools 8 HD hacked. works without hardware

Some smart guy has managed to unlock Pro Tools HD & M Powered for the Mac. read the full article at the AIR Users Blog

…and HERE’s the sequel to the new “AVID ANGER

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in addition to have an Audio track with send and AUX track with delay plug-in, or just duplicating your guitar track, then panning your original signal 100% to the left and your aux (dupe) track 100% to the right with an delay of, say 16ms, which is a very good setting, here are some other tips for guitar processing in the mix:

1. use Parallell compression Fatten Up Your Guitar Sound in Pro Tools

NO rocket science, but still effective sometimes

2. How To Layer Guitars for a Fuller Sound in Pro Tools

Still NO rocket science but also effective

3. Boosting Distorted Guitars

With EQ and a De-Esser. fine one 🙂

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Apple iPad Glory

It should be about time to  get Pro Tools working with a controller unit on the new iPad, making the Command|8 and the other external controllers obsolete. I must say I like the idea, but it might be an expensive thing to dedicate an  iPad just for this, since I can see no use of an iPad in my every day life:

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Pro Tools 8 Tips 07: Editing to a Drum Groove

Pro Tools tip from Youtube

In the series of Protools tips from the user lilacwriter on Youtube. Here’s a retweet/repost of “Pro Tools 8 Tips 07: Editing to a Drum Groove – Part B”, make sure you check out the “Related Videos” section on youtube!

note: LILAC WRITER software is an online songwriting tool to help you write lyrics with built-in references, organization & collaboration tools – see for more information

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Why do you want to do this?

  • Reduce size, tidy up, and put all sessionfiles in a “compressed” folder
  • Get your files down to the bare minimum
  • Transfer files to another system/studio
  • for Back up!
  • for Back up! repeat 4 times..
  • for Archiving after finishing off projects

Here’s a procedure
(using PRO TOOLS v8.03 on Win7 x64):

1. Delete Any Unused Tracks

e.g. tracks with no Audio. parts recorded, not to keep. Inactive tracks. backing vocals not used etc. HOWTO: select a track, or tracks (ctrl+click) then right click and choose “delete”

2. Delete Unused Playlists

HOWTO: Use the ‘track view selector’ to view "playlists" (instead of "Waveform"), Click the little triangle next to the Track Name, Select "delete unused….". Do this for all playlists on all tracks

3. Remove Unused Regions

HOWTO: From the regions menu, choose “Select”—> “Unused”, again from the regions menu, choose “Clear”, then “Remove”. warning: “Delete” will erase the unused audio files from your hard drive PERMANENTLY”!!

4. Select And Consolidate all your tracks.

HOWTO: select the “<All>” group under the Groups menu, then just click on some audio in the edit window, next on the Edit menu –> “Select All” (ctrl+A), still on the edit menu, select “Consolidate” (alt+shift+3).

5. Select Save A Session Copy

HOWTO: select Save Copy In under the File menu, select all audio files, 44.1Khz, and 24-bit.

Nice and clean!!

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Pro Tools Youtube Videos – this one: FADES

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i7 Builds – Specs and Results



Are you thinking about building your own PC with Windows 7 x64 and Core i7? You should investigate and scrutinize this blog from the Digidesign User Conference. This thread emphazises “i7 Builds – Specs and Results”, which will give you an insight in the Hardware used together with Pro Tools 8.0.3, and many benchmark results

LINK: i7 Builds – Specs and Results

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Windows 7 x64 and Mbox 2 PRO?

What works ??

I have recently updated my system from an old windows XP system to a Windows 7 x64 system. It is stable as hell!!

The tech stuff
The actual configuration (tech stuff) of the build, can be ssen on the Studio Equipment page in this blog, click here to go to the page:

Digidesigns comments on Windows 7 drivers
To se AVID / Digidesign comments about Windows 7 drivers (read carefully), Go Here:

The essence:

  • These drivers do not support the original Mbox (the original Mbox is not supported with Pro Tools 8.0.3 and higher).
  • The 8.0.4b drivers support ONLY the following devices: 003, 003 Rack, 003 Rack+, Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Mini, Mbox 2 Micro, Digi 002, and Digi 002 Rack.
  • Updated drivers are not required for the Mbox 2 Pro or Eleven Rack, whicj means you only need pro tools v8.0.3 without any extra drivers!

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